Hey fans!  GUN, Book 2 of the Hoboken Homicide series is out!  Feel free to go to "Where to purchase books" to find the links on where to buy it!  I've got a couple of signings in the next couple of weeks and will be posting on Facebook about that as well.  Thank you all to those who wait a long 7 years for it to come out but I am sure you'll see it is worth the wait!


Attention fans and Suspense lovers!  This is not a joke!  The sequel to PRINT is going to be released on November 19th!!!!!  It's been a long time coming but I am so excited that the day GUN reaches book shelves is just a month away!  The revising has been done, the editing has been brutal yet essential and all the work has been completed.    Thank you all to have been waiting patiently, this is going to be worth the wait.  I will be providing more info on where to find it on release day as well as links to purchasing your very own copy in the upcoming days so stay tuned, you're NOT going to want to miss out!


Hey suspense fans!  I am proud to announce that GUN, the second title in the Hoboken Homicide series, is nearing the published home stretch!  Just a few things that are needing to be ironed out to present you the best novel I can.  I want to thank all of the fans that have been patient in the release of my next book.  You won't be disappointed!  Just a few more months and you will be able to read about the crew's new case.  Keep an eye on my Facebook page: and/or my Twitter feed: @SeanPLennon for updates!


Hello fellow thriller lovers!  It brings me great sadness to announce that due to recent circumstances, GUN has been pushed back and will not be out until 2015.  But I can also announce that I am currently working on 2 new novels at this time!  Disciples of The Twelve is currently being revamped into a better work and I'm also working on a new fiction idea titled Schrodinger's Cat.  I've added pages on the webiste for these books to provide further information.  Check them out!  I am also working on a new contest that will be revealed on 07/27.  It will be explained on both my Facebook page "" and on my Twitter page @SeanPLennon Tune in and find out!


Hey fans, I am happy to announce that GUN has been finished and as a special treat to help with the wait until it is released, I have posted on the GUN page a preview of the first five chapters of the new Hoboken Homicide novel!  Just click on the GUN page link to the left and read away!  Feel free to post any comments on the Contact Me page or on my Facebook page, Sean Lennon Author!  Hope you enjoy!


Hey fellow suspense lovers!  We've added an interview from back in August of 2011 that was held on the University of Lethbridge's radio station by a good friend of mine, Blaine Greenwood's show, All Things Printwise.  Feel free to listen to it at the bottom of the PRINT page to learn more about PRINT before GUN is released!


Hey fans!  The website has been updated to help promote the next book in the Hoboken Homicide series, GUN.  Read up on it by clicking on the link to the left!  I've also spruced up the site and added a page to go to if you're interested in buying PRINT before GUN is released to see how the series all started!   That page will also be updated once GUN hits the bookshelves on June 2nd.  And feel free to read the reviews of PRINT on it's page.  Leave a comment on the Comments page too!  Don't miss out because the cases for Foster, Raghetti and the rest of the homicide department are only going to get more intense! 



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